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"Earn While You Burn" - HOPPer token

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The Future of Exercise is NOW!

Unlike any other - HOPPer (HOPP) is an ERC-20  utility token used to promote health, wellness and fitness.

Using iOS (Apple) and Android based fitness apps including watch applications, tracking progress and getting rewarded has never been easier.

This Project is backed and supported by some of the top fitness and cryptocurrency leaders in the market.

The more popular and stronger the coin becomes, the more your purchasing power of health-related products.


What can the App offer?

Along with fitness tracking, the app can link you with specialized trainers and fitness experts  in your local area. 

Also, discounts on popular Healthy Chef-Designed meal services, local or national fitness centers, and major brand name fitness products and clothing.

The benefit of HOPPer - you can use them to help with these and many other products and services.

Now that is a deal you cannot pass on!


Spreading the Word

Through Social Media and online advertising, marketing of the HOPPer token will be a major focus.

One goal is to attract high-level national and local companies alike. 

Whether you prefer to use major brands or support the local market, we want to make it an easy and effective process to earn and use HOPPer tokens.

Vendor Benefits

Fitness Centers


Fitness Centers who participate with the App will be highlighted to members in your area and ones traveling into your area.  

By offering a reduction or partial reduction from the client using the Hopper Token, you will gain members and memberships at an escalated rate.  

Each participating business will have a dedicated wallet.  Each transfer will be directly deposited into the specific wallet only accessible by the business ownership. 

One major advantage of receiving the Hopper Token  will be its overall value of the Token as it increases.  

It is also a driving force for increased customers to the business, thus increasing profits.

Extending Benefits


Members of the Cryptohopper Project App will also have the opportunity to use Healthy Chef-Designed meal services which deliver healthy meals designed for your specialized needs. 

Fitness Wear


Token holders can be used toward  fitness wear using Hopper Tokens.  Major brands including major world-wide companies will be linked in the app as well as online for easier viewing.

Bonus Tokens


Bonus Tokens will be awarded for 

- Group Training

- Family Exercise

- Training with an expert

- Referrals

- Attaining weekly goals and achievements

A Healthier World is Our Goal


Helping our world to become a healthier one is the overall goal with the Cryptohopper Project.

The app can link like-minded individuals which promotes and encourages successful reach of personal goals.

By encouraging and helping each other, exercise and fitness for many will be much easier and more enjoyable.

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Hopper Token

Name: Hopper Token

Type: ERC20

Ticker: HOPP

Supply: 1,000,000,000


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White Paper (pdf)


App Development

Watch Applications

smart watch applications

Smart watch tracking of your progress and staying in touch with your fitness progress is at your fingertips. iOS and Android interface apps.



Simple programs to advanced programs.  Continual progress is the key.  Stay healthy, fit and lead a positive lifestyle. You have endless opportunities across the country and around the world to use fitness centers and training facilities.

Workout Design


A professional fitness expert and trainer can design a specific plan to fit your exact needs and fitness desires. Obtaining a level of fitness where your life is changed can be achieved through personal and professional instruction.

Diet & Nutrition


Setting a plan for healthy eating couldn't be easier! Depending upon your goals, a meal plan can easily be created and tracked for success. 

HIIT Training


High Intensity Interval Training:  Maximize your cardio.  Maximize you effort.  Maximize your benefit in 20-90 second intervals.

Map Tracking


Are you a runner?  Map tracking is a great way to follow your runs and keep track of your miles, milestones and projected goals.

Team Training


Team training is a sure way to gain a successful fitness routine.  Whether it be family, friends or new found workout mates.  The app can locate others in your area interested in partnering for a motivating workout.  

Track Your Success


Wondering how you are doing? Use the tracker to follow each workout, run, exercise program, and any other design you have created.  There will be preset programs and completely customized programs.

Social Media Sharing


Social Media is a great way to get advice from others, obtain workout partners, join running groups, and to simply gain knowledge from others.

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Bonus


Each day, depending upon your fitness level, challenges will be created. Each day, week and month you complete these challenges will earn you bonus Hopper Token.  Exercising with your family or friends can also earn you bonus tokens.  The idea is to promote health so group involvement creates group bonuses.

Hooper Token used as rewards


 You may use the tokens to trade on exchanges and proceed as you wish with the token value.

Professional Training


If you are interested in increasing your level of understanding and level of fitness as best as possible, you can request to be connected to a professional trainer through the app.  All professional trainers will have national certifications.

TOKEN REWARD - For every type of fitness


Personal Fitness

Daily fitness tracked via the app will be rewarded a comparison value of 5 tokens per workout half-hour (as to initial coin offering)

Group & Family Fitness

When participating in group of family fitness, the same reward as Personal Fitness will be rewarded plus a bonus of 1.5 tokens per half-hour will be awarded

Using a Personal Fitness Trainer via the app

While using a referred trainer, in addition to the Personal Fitness Reward, an additional 3.5 tokens will be rewarded. 

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Bonus

Each day, a fitness training guide will be provided and used according to the fitness level of each user.  Each week of completing this fitness routine will earn an additional 5 Tokens.  This value may increase significantly at periodic times with "Super - Workouts" as designed by the fitness expert.  You will receive a flash notification on the app designating an opportunity to earn extra tokens.

After completed the daily programs for a week (minus 2 rest days), a bonus of 2 tokens will be given.  If all days in a month are completed (minus 2 rest days per week), a bonus of an additional 5 tokens will be given.  


Personal Fitness:  workout for 1-week (1/2 hour per day x 5 days) = 25 Tokens  plus  1-week reward of 2 Tokens for a total of 27 Tokens

Group Fitness: workout for 1-month (1/2 hour per day x 4 weeks) = 100 Tokens plus 4-weeks of bonus  (4-weeks x 2 Tokens) = 8 Tokens plus 1-month of bonus = 5 tokens plus the group reward of (1.5 per half-hour) = 30 Tokens for a total of  143 Tokens (Plus any Super Workout rewards)


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